amillionangles (amillionangles) wrote,

Waiting [Off-Carrier]

Midnighter's out of his normal costume - the leather is feeling a bit too enclosing. His blonde hair is slicked up into a short spike, and he's wearing a black suit jacket and pants, with a white dress shirt beneath. In a bit of macabre humor, he has a small pin with the inverted triangle and eye symbol on his lapel.

He's just sitting on the edge of a tall stone barrier, the Atlantic Ocean below, crashing against the rocky base, over and over. The sun is setting, and he's staring off into it - his shades the only protection he's given himself from the orange-red blaze.

He's left a note on the Carrier, instructions on where he'll be. Beside him is a small wicker basket.

There - he waits.
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