amillionangles (amillionangles) wrote,

For Preston

"Carrier. Trace this number."

The number that John called Apollo from is fed in to the Carrier. There's a pause, and a orange light blazes open as the Carrier puts open a door. Midnighter pauses, then shakes his head. "Outside the house, Carrier. I don't want them to shoot Jenny or I when we come through." With that, he finishes putting on his 'civillain' clothes - a dark suit, heavy shades, and a red-silk tie.

That's right. Jenny gets to go out and play today - and Mids is going to speak with the man his husband seems to enjoy hanging out with. Hmmn.

He leaves a note for Apollo - simple and sweet.


Took Jenny out to play - back later. Have my cel on me if you need.



With that, he scoops the girl up into his arms, and then to his shoulders, stepping through the Carrier door, and knocking on the doorframe of the building in front of him. Behind him, the Carrier door winks out of existance.
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